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TUNES is a recursive acronym meaning: Tunes is a Useful, Nevertheless Expedient System. It may be the only operating system (OS), or open source project, with a 100% pure HTML virtual reflective logo. Truly astonishing. TUNES is starting by developing a new Low-Level Language (LLL) and High-Level Language (HLL), and then basing a language-integrated OS on these languages. Now, after at least six years, there is finally some actual TUNES code, mostly based on CLOS, Self, and Smalltalk. The main and great strength of the TUNES project is that it is a large, accurate, and fascinating, resource for learning about programming languages and OSs. This is embodied in several large TUNES subprojects that review programming languages and OSs, and a large body of very civilized debate on these and related topics. TUNES Language-OS Hybrids Languages Programming Computers.