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Archy (formerly The Humane Environment, THE) is an operating system (OS), scalable interface for computers of many types, and a text editor. Coded in the Python programming language, it has many ergonomically determined productivity and usability advantages over conventional Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) using Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pull down menus (WIMP). The ideas behind Archy are the result of decades of research, study, and thought, fully explained in a book about human interface design, The Humane Interface, by famous Apple Computer interface pioneer, original creator of the Macintosh, Jef Raskin. He originally led the project, but tragically died of pancreatic cancer, at age 61, 9 March 1943 - 26 February 2005, a Saturday. Archy Desktop Environments Graphic Subsystems Operating Systems Software Computers.

Archy is a software system whose user interface poses a radically different approach for interacting with computers with respect to traditional graphical user interfaces. (wikipedia)