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MorphOS is a microkernel-based operating system (OS) for the Pegasos hardware platform. It runs on PowerPC processors by Freescale and IBM. It supports original AmigaOS MC680x0 programs by proprietary task-based emulation, and most newer, PPC-AmigaOS programs by API wrappers. It is API-compatible with AmigaOS 3.1, but has many enhancements to make it more modern, such as a GUI based on the Magic User Interface. Source code licensing is mixed, proprietary and open source: the OS kernel is proprietary, but several other parts are open source: libraries, desktop interfaces (including the default GUI, Ambient). Development is by a core team, and contributors. MorphOS Microkernel Operating Systems Software Computers.

MorphOS is an AmigaOS -like computer operating system. It is a mixed proprietary and open source OS produced for the Pegasos PowerPC processor based computer, PowerUP accelerator equipped Amiga computers, and a series of Freescale development boards that use the Genesi firmware, including the EFIKA and mobileGT. (wikipedia)