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Unique desktop operating system, in development for 5 years, object-oriented, fine-grain preemptable multithreading, low latency messaging, multiuser, POSIX friendly (not a Unix, runs many Unix CLI tools), integrated new GUI (not X Windows), 64-bit journaling file system, command-line interface via native X-term like terminal emulator and Borne Again Shell (BASH), synchronous multiprocessor (SMP) support, already runs many applications, UNICODE character support to UTF8, more. Free, open source, GPL license. The kernel is very modular and has a well defined interface between it and device-drivers and file-systems. All components communicate through a thin, well defined interface, and know little about each other, as in a micro-kernel. AtheOS Object-Oriented Operating Systems Software Computers.

AtheOS is a discontinued free and open source operating system for x86 -based computers. It was initially intended as an AmigaOS clone, but that objective was later abandoned. (wikipedia)