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PURE, successor to PEACE, is a family of object-oriented, femtokernel operating systems (OSs); it is an acronym for: Portable, Universal Runtime Executive. Goals: very fine granular dynamic reconfiguration, based on passive instead of only active objects; special purpose, with minimal memory use; provide a portable, universal runtime executive for deeply embedded parallel-distributed systems. Deeply embedded systems have extreme resource constraints in memory, CPU, and power use. Most PURE versions have no realtime abilities, but some do (OSEK) and can be used for soft and hard realtime uses. PURE Object-Oriented Operating Systems Software Computers.

Propulsion Universelle et Récupération d'Énergie (PURE; English: Universal Propulsion and Energy Recovery ) was a motorsports engineering company founded by former British American Racing team principal Craig Pollock in 2011. (wikipedia)