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This section has information on only RealTime Operating Systems (RTOSs), and closely related material. Realtime systems are not the same as embedded systems. Realtime OSs can be used in general purpose computers, and in embedded types. Some embedded OSs are not realtime, and cannot serve some uses. Why segregate RTOSs so fully? Three clear reasons exist: 1) The functional divide between RTOSs and non-RTOSs is large, which profoundly effects design: all OSs must provide logically correct-precise results, but RTOSs must go beyond this and give temporal (time) correctness. RTOSs are the only logical and safe choice for time-critical uses. 2) More RTOSs than non-RTOSs (fewer non-RTOSs than RTOSs) are in use, in this solar system at least. Realtime Operating Systems Software Computers.