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All operating systems (OSs) in this section support TRON standards fully or partly. TRON is an acronym for: The Real-time Operating system Nucleus. The TRON Project officially began June 1984, due to findings and recommendations in a report by a Japan Electronic Industrial Development Association technical committee that investigated microprocessor uses in the 1990s and later. Dr. Ken Sakamura, University of Tokyo, chaired this committee, managed TRON development, and is the main creator of the TRON architecture. Much like POSIX, TRON is not a body of computer code that is compiled and run on a processor. Rather, it is a set of standards: interfaces, design guidelines, software design specifications, for creating the computer code that will become an OS kernel, and defining language interfaces between an OS and its programs, to give compatibility when moving programs between compatible systems. TRON Realtime Operating Systems Software Computers.

Tron is a 1982 science fiction film produced by Walt Disney Productions. The film has spawned the Tron multimedia franchise . (wikipedia)