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MINIX is a family of Unix-POSIX compliant, small, microkernel operating systems (OSs). All versions include source code. MINIX has a strong presence in computer education. MINIX 1 originated to teach college level computer science. MINIX 1 and 2 were used only for education, and by hobbyists. MINIX 1 had a more restrictive license. MINIX 2 and 3 are free, open source, with a BSD-like license. MINIX 3 is the first version intended for more than education. It is optimized for reliability: it is flexible, secure, and self-healing, it keeps running even during software faults; almost everything, including drivers, runs in user space. Over 400 programs are ported to it. MINIX Unix Operating Systems Software Computers.

MINIX (from "mini- Unix ") is a POSIX -compliant (since version 2.0), Unix-like computer operating system based on a microkernel architecture . (wikipedia)