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DOS is an acronym for Disk Operating System (OS). A disk operating system is software that organizes and controls how computers read, write and interact with disks (floppy, hard, CD-ROM) and communicate with a computer's various input-output devices: keyboards, pointing devices, scanners, microphones, serial and parallel ports; screens, printers, modems, etc. The first two DOS variants came out concurrently, with the introduction of IBM's PC in August 1981: IBM PC-DOS, and Microsoft MS-DOS. There are now many DOSes: 4DOS (a DOS shell, not an OS), DR-DOS (Novell DOS), FreeDOS, MS-DOS, OpenDOS, PC-DOS, PTS-DOS, REAL-32, RTXDOS, RxDOS, TSX-32, and more, even real-time DOS. DOS x86 Operating Systems Software Computers.

DOS / d ɒ s / , short for disk operating system, is an acronym for several computer operating systems that are operated by using the command line . (wikipedia)